Are lockdowns, Covid and social distancing overwhelming? Here is advice
Jan 2021

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Even young children are beginning to suffer the consequences of this lack of socialization, and one can predict with a high degree of certainty that this condition will deepen over the coming months.

Month after month we live in a new environment – the world has shrunk to our own homes. Social contact is now severely restricted, and especially at retirement homes we are seeing the fallout from the new loneliness.

Even young children are beginning to suffer the consequences of this lack of socialization, and one can predict with a high degree of certainty that this condition will deepen over the coming months. We are primates, and primates delineate their social space through touch and body cuddling. Suddenly, this important social dynamic is gone, and we need to devise plans to neutralize it.

What can we do, limited and without traditional flight chance, especially over the festive season. I went to read a bit, and came up with quite a few practical tips. Here are a few:

Aanvaar negatiewe emosies

We are so prone to ignore unpleasant and negative emotions, and even worse, to bury it, hoping it will go away. A bigger mistake can hardly make one. Accept the fact that you are lonely or sad, describe it in language or writing, and move on. Hennie Aucamp has always said that if you give a “thing” a name, it becomes your property. Possess your sadness.

Create new routines

Zen teaches us that the path to wisdom is paved by routine. Get up, make your bed before you can drink coffee. Water plants, wash windows, iron – do the things you always give to others. A system of rewards to the self works well here, with the reward only earned after you have done something. Take a dusty instrument in the closet, learn a new language, read!

Look after yourself

An eternal truth is that the world is doing well when you are doing well. The reverse does not work. So, take good care of yourself by eating properly, exercising within the confines of locking and involving your loved ones in it.


This time was made for reflection and reflection. Take time to think, and think about your life, your duty, not only to yourself, but also to your neighbor, and do something about it. Furthermore, we must remember that difficult times do not always lead to harm, but that healing and progress can come from this.


  • These are just a few tips and I’m sure there are many more. Remember that you are not alone in isolation and loneliness, but above all, now is the time to do something about it.
Sondagtafel: Vroeë paasfees

Sondagtafel: Vroeë paasfees

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Dave se Sondagtafel

Dave se Sondagtafel

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