Is this the end of Covid-19?
Nov 2020

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A breakthrough by the company Pfizer in the search for a vaccine for Covid-19 looks promising. Does this mean the end is in sight?

The answer is yes!

Yes! Yes!

Never before, since the Great Flu of 1918, has the entire world population been so paralyzed by a zoonotic virus.

South Africa’s draconian lockout time upset us all, but our president listened to scientists and imposed the right restrictions (except nig NDZ’s sole and shell restrictions). Unlike the US, which was driven by Donald Trump’s blatant ignorance to the highest death rate on earth.

Epidemiologists agreed from the beginning that isolation would only slow down the spread, and that only an effective vaccine, applied worldwide, could stop the pandemic. And now, the announcement by Pfizer and BioNTech that their experimental vaccine offers almost complete protection against the virus.

The design and manufacture of vaccines can take years, even decades, but here we have a beautiful example of how scientists could stand together, stand together and shorten the process by years, because, it is important to remember that science is nothing more than systematized knowledge, which is self-regulating. Contrary to dogma…

To easily assimilate the vaccine manufacturing process, check out the video:

Suddenly there is hope, suddenly there is relief – South Africa, with its close relationship with the WHO and the international medical community, will soon be able to get vaccine, but we will have to accept that certain target groups will have first access.

Well done Pfizer! Well done science!


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