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The beauty of science

Beauty includes the mystical and wondrous interaction between man and nature and the mysterious symbiosis between life and art. So, make beauty the fastest arrow in your quiver.

Dave Pepler. Stellenbosch. 2015.

The tangerine revisited

The tangerine revisited

This over familiar fruit, usually eaten fresh, can be transformed, with imagination, into a sublime dessert.

Earthquake hits Namaqualand

Earthquake hits Namaqualand

An earthquake of magnitude 4,2 struck the area of Namaqualand close to Springbok in the early hours of the morning.

About me

Dave Pepler is a well-known South African environmentalist. After growing up in Robertson in the Western Cape, he attended the Saasveld Forestry College for a National Diploma in Forestry, and also received an MPil in Zoology from Cambridge (UK).

From 1974 to 2005, Dave was a technician and senior lecturer at Stellenbosch University. During that time, Dave was consulted on many projects, both in South Africa and the African continent. Currently, he is best known for hosting the television programme, Groen.

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